Dice RNG dll for ExtremeGammon
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2020-06-05 07:36:14 UTC

Anyone know where I can get an external DLL to use with extreme Gammon?

None of the ones supplied in the dice dll folder work - even the random.org one returns a 403 - Forbidden error.

Failing that, how easy is it to convert a piece of Visual basic code to a dll?

Many thanks.
2020-06-26 08:59:50 UTC
No worries, I managed to cobble together a couple of DLLs via Pascal that do the job.

As a test to see if ExtremeGammon really was pulling dice from my DLL or making it up as it went along, my first DLL didn't generate random numbers, I hardcoded a 4 and a 2 for every dice roll.

Sure enough, playing the game actually stalemated in the end because neither of us could move....but every roll was 4-2.

My second test was to eliminate doubles. A simple bit of code that said "if dice 1 = dice 2 then roll again". Again, I played several matches using this DLL without a single double being rolled.

So despite my initial scepticism of this progrma, I have to reluctantly admit that I am not as good a player as I thought I was, I've been getting my ass kicked by ExtremeGammon and it hasn't been cheating.